Webinar Schedule

 3pm - 4pm

 The US Embassy Speaks | What You Need to Know about Student Visas

 Daniel DeGroff

 5pm - 6pm

 High Stake Assesments and the Post-Covid Education Scenario in USA 

  Jay Kang & Michelle Hampton

 6pm - 7pm

 High-Demand Engineering Degrees for the Post-COVID Economy

 Pieter Vermeulen

 7pm - 8pm

  An Introduction to the ACT

 Andy Taylor

 8pm - 9pm

 Unlocking Higher Education Opportunities in USA

 Rajesh Arya &
Sagar Madaan 

 9pm - 9:30pm

Ten Reasons Why HDFC CREDILA is a Smart Option to Finance Your Education

 Chandini Sehgal

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